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It is impossible to imagine literary life in Britain without Carcanet.
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Tara Bergin & David Wheatley shortlisted for the Irish Times Poetry Now Award
We're delighted to announce that Tara Bergin 's The Tragic Death of Eleanor Marx and David Wheatley 's The President of Planet Eart h have both been shortlisted for the 2018 Irish Times Poetry Now Award ! read more
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Poem of the Day

The Unnecessary Angel

Patrick Mackie

As evening came, a man was seen wandering out into the fields. The hills trembled with calmness. Birds were flying in swift formation swoops. His presence was felt in the strained-into, somehow bright dusk.


Having come here to hear rain slurped quietly by the springy spring ground, having come to feel the soaked grass give surprisingly lushly underfoot, to see the rich layering of forms around the edges of the woody areas, to notice the distant swishing of streams, the thrushes singing then not singing, or the infinitesimal darkening of the rough hilltops, to watch the dim shadows of flying birds touching the twitching branches, to try to see air, he walked and walked.


So the condition became one of enormous width. This of course is indescribable, but think of it as a kind of failure of anything to be near anything any more: the surroundings expanded, the expandings surrounded: at every juncture distance loomed, at every cross-roads the two roads turned out to have another hundred yards before they met each other, leaves dangled far off from their branches, fluttering against the dull sky, and the branches were in any case suspended in the air, far away from their trunks, while the birds spread from each other into isolated corners of the panorama. He came to feel a certain sensation of flotation, a basic airiness. When he spoke, his voice raced ahead of him to the horizon, pronouncing in every direction things he had not yet thought of.
Taken from 'New Poetries II'...
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