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Poem of the Day

Poem for Brecht and the Autumn Coming

Werner Söllner (translated by Iain Gilbraith)

    Reality my friend is sometimes really
    something so familiar by hearsay
    the very thought of it my friend makes time
    tick faster than the calendar it's nothing
    but a symbol for our lack of opportunity
    to change it my friend so here we are with
    one foot grounded in the facts the other
    earthed aloft in dreams we're dancing tango
    with the dialectic standing on each other's
    toes you can't avoid when even rabbit breeders
    grasping the necessity for change have started
    plugging chicken-raising in their rag reality
    my friend has tumbled off the edge and so
    we meet in the abyss a flickering tale of times
    when love was not the thing they do on screens
    and death no small ad in the paper friend let's
    not complain for what's decay if not the way
    our only possible chance to start afresh
    in autumn coming friend when summer's
    past and spring and winter next are round
    the corner but before that time the storks will
    pass with feathers black and white and on
    their way to Africa will peck us off the road
Taken from 'After Brecht: A Celebration'...
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